Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who become whistleblowers or targets of violence are properly protected, and that all PCV victims and their families receive appropriate care and respect.

Ensure that best practices are followed in response to any allegations made by Peace Corps Volunteers or Trainees regarding possible misconduct, threats, mismanagement, or legal violations, and that PCVs’ confidentiality and safety are maintained at all times.

Ensure that Volunteers who are sexually or otherwise assaulted receive prompt and appropriate support from the Peace Corps, and are treated with dignity & respect.

Ensure that the Peace Corps follows best practices in all areas of training, prevention, and response in order to meet the two objectives above.

Advocate to see legislation enacted as necessary to ensure the consistent fulfillment of these objectives.

Achieve all of these objectives to strengthen the Peace Corps and honor its great legacy.

Finally, ensure that the best justice attainable is served for Kate Puzey in the upcoming trial in Benin regarding her death.