Please join us in supporting the “Catherine Puzey Peace Corps Protection Act of 2011”:

The legislation addresses many current problems that will meet our objectives of:
  • Ensuring that best practices are followed in response to any allegations made by Peace Corps Volunteers or Trainees about possible misconduct, threats, mismanagement, or legal violations, and that PCVs’ confidentiality and safety are maintained at all times.
  • Ensuring that Volunteers who are sexually or otherwise assaulted receive prompt and appropriate support from the Peace Corps, and are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Ensuring that the Peace Corps follows best practices in all areas of training, prevention, and response in order to meet these objectives.

We are pleased that following the hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee that legislation will soon be introduced in both the House and Senate for victims rights, whistleblower protection, and supporting victims’ families. In particular, we want to thank Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Representative Ted Poe of Texas, and the Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams for the efforts they are making to see that these problems are resolved. We ask that the Peace Corps and Congress continue to work together to see that the bill is enacted soon..


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